atkins-art-museum-1619504_640Art just three little letters that can be anything. This one subject is entirely subjective of personalities. Maybe there are those who find the bare landscape with nothing is a statement of art. Or the old lawn gnomes that litter the yards of thousands of homes is a real art to those individuals.

Today that same art could be just as versatile as the styles of the little gnomes. From those that resemble Doc to the one we see on the travel advertisements. But if you are in the market for something just a little different there are options.

Fairy doors are just tiny little doors placed in various locations. Maybe one at the base of a tree to fuel our imagination of the tiny little fairy who lives inside. Or another small door placed on a stump to remove the ugliness of the bare stump sitting in the yard. Now you can image multiple other locations for the tiny door. Let your mind and your childhood drive you with places the fairies might reside.

Okay, we have seen the little door added to the lawn as an ornament. That one little door can lead to so many other additions. Place an entire fairy garden near the door, use lots of imagination to envision the tiny little community. A fairy door sitting in the center of your new small community can have little rocks placed as a walk to the door. Put a small pond filled with plastic fish for the fairies to enjoy and adding rock formations create a small waterfall.

Another cute ornamentation produced with the millions of tires that need to be reused instead of filling dumps. Take four of the tires stacking them on top of one another, paint them with bright yellow to begin the creation of your very own little minion. Be creative, adjust the color and add details. Then suddenly you will see a smiling minion standing in your yard. This modern work of art is not only cute, creative, and removes things from going to landfills; it is also one that will spark laughter from all those who see.french-garden-1159404_640

If you are more traditional at heart but still holding onto a flair of the modernistic style, there are ways to combine both worlds. First, you get a simple, average pink flamingo similar to one we see in nearly every lawn of the elder Floridian residents. Next, with pieces of metal or even board, you will cut out smaller little creatures with big, open mouths letting everyone see their sharp teeth.

Place your little monsters behind the flamingo as if they are attacking and biting them. The result is a flamingo in your yard, but this one eaten by creatures that don’t seem to have the same love for the tall pink bird.

Our yards should be a symbol of what type of personalities resides in the home. With that thought maybe those who live in the home have a sense of humor and want the world to see. Take a bicycle and remove the front wheel, then place the bike as if it’s wheel is buried in the ground. You have the beginning of a crashed bike wreck, but all that is left is a rider for your bicycle. With some dummy or mannequin place the body in a position that resembles the body stuck in the ground from the chest up to the head.

The bike wreck can be just one way to place items on the field as if buried. Dummies are great to use in ways that look as if a zombie is digging its way from the earth. In the same principle as placing models, you can use old cars just like the famous Cadillac Ranch in Texas. A smaller version could use just the bumper and headlights making the world think the entire car lies beneath.

Some people even view broken down tractors and lawn mowers as art…and they can be if they are cleaned up and placed in artistic ways.  Older weed whackers and yard leaf blowers can be art as well….it’s all about perception and the eye of the beholder.

Just as with the variations of art that hangs in museums the things used for lawn decorations are as versatile as the human race. Painting rocks with glow in the dark paint are the basis for a stone work of art. Once the rocks are ready to shine it is time to stack them in the same formation as Stonehenge. The result will be a glowing version of the same age-old structure.

Lawn art can be anything that brings a smile to your face or even creates a conversation.


There’s more than art then just pen and paper. You can make art out of junk and garbage, actually. You can build something unique using recycled plastic bottles or wood. People with the skills in crafting use these moments to create something beautiful. You’ve already seen a lot in the internet where a man carve a wood using a chainsaw and create a fox out of it or someone using a scrap of metal to create antique objects for living room areas.

Crafting is like building something to bring out the old or the new. Crafting can also help make useful things for the people. Like make a table, a birdhouse or a chair. But crafting can also be your style. You can express yourself through crafting. You can build something huge or something small. You can make something that is never seen before or you can build something cute and simple.

There are so many things you can do with your hands and just about everything you can get your hands on. You can use straws and build a bridge out of them or collect cans and turn them into pencil cases, pot holders, or cups. Whatever it is that you have in your imagination you can turn them into a reality.

What fascinates people of today is that the ones that have the skills in crafting you can request them to make them for you. If you ask them to make a heart shaped carving that is made of metal, they can do it. If you asked them to build something that is made of garbage they can turn the ugly object into something pleasing to look at. Crafting can turn things that were unappealing to something beautiful. They can turn the useless objects into useful again. They can even decorate someone’s home using papers, make necklaces out of colored stones and make a tree-shape picture using sticks and dead leaves.

Anything you see around you can be used to create a work of art. Actually, one of my favorite kitchen appliances to use to make art is the Instant Pot.  If you haven’t heard of them, they are a popular pressure cooker model.  The great this about them is how durable they are so whatever you decide to create will last.Everyone will admire the creative mind and people will recognize the talent that you are born with and people will respect it. Crafting is a beautiful hobby. Your imagination can run wild inside your head but with your hands you can make it happen.

Did you know that when South Park first aired they were just paper shaped stop motion picture? They were low in money so they don’t have the funds to make it computerized so what they did they make a craft out of them. Amazing isn’t? The most popular show in all cartoon TV series they were just paper and glue when they were created. Crafting can make something beautiful and they can also teach you a lesson. Like South Park, crafting can tell you a story and by looking at the art there’s a history behind it. The artist knows that what they make has meaning and life in its own way and crafting is a tool to use to express these emotions where you can’t say them out loud.


Art is beautiful, art is also attractive to look at but art can be unique. Sometimes ordinary people can see art as weird. Why is it weird to other people? Well, ordinary people cannot understand the meaning behind the art. They only see weird colors mixed in together to form a shape. Sometimes they can’t even tell what shape they’re making. But if you want to understand art more then get to know the characters. The artist has a muse and in order to know more about the muse look at the center figure of the canvas. Mixing colors, splashing paint everywhere in order to bring life to the character is a way for the artist to express him or herself. You can even tell when he’s angry because of angry markings on the picture or you notice the sudden bright colors of the picture which is easy to identify that she’s in love. Art has emotions too and you can see it yourself if you know where to look.

Sometimes art can be dark and twisted. I was actually looking for a new garbage disposal the other day and came across a site that has a great selection of garbage disposal reviews.  After looking at many models, I choose the one that got the best ratings AND was the best looking.  I think I subconsciously picked it because I love art so much and found it better looking (more artful) than the other models.

You’ve seen it yourself whenever you walk around the mall and you sometimes notice those t-shirts that have skulls on them or a comic book that your kid has been reading, you notice it depicted a character that is dead and walking. Whenever an artist draws a character in that nature you instantly think it is dark and “evil.” You can’t help but think there’s something wrong with that dude’s head for sure, but no. There is nothing wrong with him or her drawing grotesque art like that.

It is another form of art that he or she is expressing. Drawing blood and gore is away to release some pent up emotions that’s been building inside you. If you’re happy you draw something beautiful but if you’re angry and frustrated and you can’t express yourself properly then you draw something scary. You draw and your art is slowly to take shape. People who are interested in dark themes find them beautiful, seductive even because of the dark nature but there is also those people who find it repulsive and they start to question the person’s mind.

Depending on the people’s opinion, the artist doesn’t care, actually, as long as the art is made. Because drawing art is like breathing to them. If they can’t complete their art then they will not stop until it’s finished. The people sometimes associate the art weird thus, making the artist a weirdo which a bad way to associate someone with that insulting name. Artists are geniuses too, they may not build some awesome technology or build a corporate empire, but in their own unique way they are still geniuses. Art is mysterious including the artist. In the end, ordinary people will never understand them because their minds work differently and their art work is unique that it represents the artist. They say they’re weirdoes because they’re different and people don’t get them because artists live in a different world. And maybe, that’s why art is weird too. Every art is different because each art has its own identity. A mark, a signature or an art style whatever it is that is different from all the rest the art has its own unique identity.


Maybe it is because the way they draw is weird looking with their pointed face, big round eyes and their three fingered hands (or six, yes I am looking at you Stanford Pines!) or is it because it is easy to draw? But why is it so popular? Lately Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nickelodeon are showing lots of lots of cartoons for the past years and some of these cartoons are unique in their own way. Of course you can tell that there’s a hint of the Japanese anime style here and there, like Steven Universe or Avatar The Legend of Korra for example, but why is it that their drawing style is unique then regular anime or got mixed up with anime? I checked they labeled The Legend of Aang and Korra as anime.

Cartoon art style has a western taste to it. But what attracts the audience more is not just the art but the story. Yeah, art is good too, you can’t help but look at the cute male and female characters and the pretty colors but when you’re invested into the show and you realize there’s no meaning behind it or you can’t connect with the characters then it’s not worth the watch. So how is it become so popular back in the 90s? For example the art style of the 90s cartoon Powerpuff Girls is simple unlike the today’s art style which sometimes has a lot of CG lately. When comparing to other 2000’s cartoon style the Powerpuff girls are more likable.

The quality in the past was not good because the budget money is not enough to develop better effects for the show but it turned POWERPUFFGIRLS into a global phenomenon! Since it’s aired on cartoon network, the PPG popularity skyrocketed. Merchandises spread everywhere and everybody loves the show. Unlike the reboot, it’s lame, seriously you should watch it and try to compare the 90s PPG to the reboot PPG. The reason why the Powerpuff girls have a unique art style it’s because of the story. That is the reason why people love the Powerpuff girls because of how the show tells the story of three little girls as they fight crime and the forces of evil before bed time.

The reason many people love cartoon art style is because they develop an emotional connection….the same way they do with their kitchen appliances.  I have a very deep connection with my food processor – don’t laugh:) When you watch Rick and Morty from Adult Swim you noticed that their art is not good, I heard that it’s not cool not close enough to other cartoons like the Avatar Legend of Korra and they have weird eyes. They have issues with the eyes, I’ve heard. But when you watch the first episode you started to get interested. The resemblance that you see in Rick and Morty is obvious that it’s similar to the Doc and Marti franchise so that got you curious. The more you watched the show the more you realized that there’s more to it than just the resemblance. They don’t travel in time for one thing, that’s the difference between Rick and Morty from Doc and Marti. They jump to dimensions instead, and you realize that they are a grandfather and grandson having an intergalactic adventure that’s the point of the series. But however in each episode you started to develop an attachment to them and as a result you LOVE the art and find it cooler because of its simplicity. The characters are complex and relatable and that’s the only thing you can focus on to the point that you don’t mind their art style because you identify them as a Rick and Morty style. The connection between us and the characters is the only way we accept their appearance as them and in time we will learn to love them because that’s what makes them them and how they represent the show.


It is pretty obvious why anime is popular and, no, not the other one but the action, the love, the magic, and the beautiful art style that is one of the reasons why anime is well-liked and admired. The story is beautiful, the art style is new and fresh to look at and the fighting scenes are pretty awesome! You can see the effects, the expression of the main character, the feelings that you connect with them, everything is all there. You develop a connection with the character and you feel sympathy if the character is suffering. The feels, people the feels. But what stood out all the other cartoons in the western side is because Japanese anime is seductively beautiful.

When I said seductively beautiful, I mean beautiful characters. Their hair is multi-colored. Their eyes are big and expressive; their body structure is all human, complete with five fingers. This is what caught the people’s attention but the crowning achievement of them all is the fighting.

The fighting is gorgeous! The effects are everywhere! The color is beautifully put together, the sounds, the music everything is all set together to make a wonderful moment when the character is about to die or become a hero. The music, lovely music, you will be touched and in tears if the music matches to the characters inner turmoil.

Now, the other thing that caught people’s attention besides the beautifully drawn main characters is the adorable animals. They make adorable animals with their cute furry faces, pudgy cheeks and round colorful eyes. Who doesn’t love these furry little creatures? They are the mascot of the show or the helper of the main character in some stories. They make the audience go awe, and coo over the little thing. But there’s one thing that anime still got it is that they draw majestic creatures that fits their mythological trope. They’ve drawn slender foxes, scary monsters, and god-like dragons; everything that you’ve seen in anime their mythical creatures is also one of the major eye-catching moments in the anime world.

The most important thing in the anime it is the soul of the show. The story. The story is the most important element of the show. Just like making cartoons you got to have a plot in it. The anime stories are heartbreaking, loving, and terrifying to watch and experience when aired on TV because the good thing about watching anime is that their stories are the best. If you want a love story they can give you, if you want some action, they can give you that too and if you want something cool and relatable just a slice-of life they have it as well.

Everything that they made anime has them all. The art is beautiful thing to look at and admired. You can even learn how to draw anime for they give you simple tips on how to draw their structure, their facial features,and the hairstyle everything is all there for you to learn and you make your own style for yourself. That is why anime is so much more popular than cartoons.